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Submited on: 2015/08/07

Sunil (name changed), 13 does not remember his father's face as he was toddler when his father passed away. His father used to work as a deep-well cleaner and lost his life while doing the hazardous job. His parents had an inter-cast marriage which was not easily accepted by their family and society since his mother was from the so called 'lower caste' community. After his father's death they had to go through very hard times since he was the sole breadwinner of the family. However, his mother managed to run the family by doing laborious work. She dreamt of giving her son good education and he was a good student studying in 4th standard. Lately, his mother was working as a cleaner in a guest house in Balaju, Gongabu. They were happily living in the rooms provided by the owner in the same building. On 25th April 2015 when the massive earthquake claimed to death thousands of lives and destroyed numbers of houses and buildings, Sunil was with his mother trapped inside the collapsed guest house building. After one hour of effort from the rescue team, he was rescued from the collapsed building with head injuries but unfortunately his mother was found dead. That dreadful day still roams around his eyes and he sometimes murmurs, "My mother might have been alive but they ran the bulldozer to clean the debris without confirming her death".


The Kathmandu Metropolitan City referred Sunil to Voice of Children. He is now living in VOC's Preparation Center at Lubhu and receiving psychosocial counseling and participating in other regular activities conducted at the center. Such activities have helped him to stay busy and gradually forget the dreadful incident. The Reintegration team has succeeded to trace out his close relatives; his grandfather who is living in Itahara of Morang district is in touch with the team. He has not met his grandfather since the last 11 years. In the meantime, the team is planning to go to family visit for assessing the family condition and to restore their relationship which will be helpful to go for reintegration process.