Networks & Collaboration


—  District Child Welfare Board, Lalitpur - Member

—  National Child Protection Alliance (NCPA) - Founder General Secretary

—  National Alliance of Organization working for Street Children (NAOSC) - Founder Treasurer

—  Human Right Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee (HRTMCC) - Member

—  Alternative Care Working Group - Member


—  National Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAPA)

—  Reproductive Health Coordination Committee, Kathmandu

—  Reproductive Health Coordination Committee, Lalitpur

—  Safe Motherhood Network

—  Women Right Defender Group

—  Street Worker Forum

Collaboration with Universities to develop and promote the Social Work perspectives and Network with over 500 organizations & close relation with more than 100 organizations.


International Affiliation:

—  Everest Range, Asian branch of Lamako 

—  Butterfiles, Child Development Khazana, New Delhi