Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We tried to solve the frequently asking questions on Child Sexual Abuse. Below are most frequently asked questions about child sexual abuse? Many of these questions come from the misinformation and stereotypes that we learn about the sexual abuse of children.

Q. What is child sexual abuse exactly?

Child sexual abuse refers to sexual abuse of a child by an adult or some other person significantly older in the position of power or control over the child where child is used for sexual stimulation of another person.When an adult abuses children for sexual pleasure refers to child sexual abuse.

  1. Using explicit language,
  2. Showing obscene activities and materials (Audio/Visual),
  3. Use of obscene language in conversation and telephone,
  4. Sexualized talking,
  5. Force children to listen or see sexual intercourse activities
  6. Penetrative sex including rape,
  7. Kissing and fondling,
  8. Oral and anal sex,
  9. Touching children's genital part and private organs,
  10. Make child fondle abusers private part
  11. Masturbate the children and insist to do masturbation

Q. Is there a typical profile of someone who sexually abuses children?

No. It's difficult to identify the perpetrators from their outer structure. People who may sexually abuse children are also from the family, neighbors. They come from all classes, racial and religious backgrounds and may be homosexual or heterosexual. Most of those we know about who sexually abuse children are men, but some are women.

Q. What are the effects of child sexual abuse?

Effects of Child Sexual Abuse a. Physical - Difficulties in walking - Sign of unexplained genital injury - Vaginal or penile discharge - Pregnancy (in case of a girl) - Fear with adults unnecessarily b. Mental - Anxiety and depressive symptoms - Sleep disturbance and less appetite - Inappropriate behavior such as sucking finger or bed wet - Stay alone - Loss of competence and confidence - Unnecessary aggressive - Self hatred c. Social - Fear of disclosing the incident and losing prestige in public - Tackling behavior of the child will be difficult - Parents want to keep the incidents secret due to social problem - ignoring the child psychology - Family pressure Serious - Thinking of and committing suicide - Re victimization - Hurt himself.

Q. Is child sexual abuse really such a big problem?

Yes. According to the world record one in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused. Then think once how critical the issue is.

Q. What is Child Pornography?

Child pornography refers to images or films including sexually explicit photographs, negatives, slides, magazines, movies, videotapes and computer disks depicting sexually explicit activities involving a child, as such, child pornography are a visual record of child sexual abuse. Child pornography is inseparable from the sexual abuse of children.Uncomfortable photos and information are automatically arrived in the email address. To attract the children sexually this type of files and sites are automatically arrived in spasm, pop-ups and deception.Child pornography falls into two categories