Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We tried to solve the frequently asking questions on Child Sexual Abuse. Below are most frequently asked questions about child sexual abuse? Many of these questions come from the misinformation and stereotypes that we learn about the sexual abuse of children.

Q. Is viewing child pornography child sexual abuse?

Of course pornography is one of the worst forms of the CSA which refers to images or films including sexually explicit photographs, negatives, slides, magazine, movies and videotapes and computer disk depicting sexually explicit activities involving a child as such. Child pornography is inseparable from the sexual abuse of the children.

Q. Is there any misconception among the people about the child sexual abuse?

Yes there are many more Misconceptions about the CSA. It is equally prevalent either in literate or in illiterate. Some of them are as follows

Q. What are the Responsibilities of the adults to fight against Child Sexual Abuse?

  1. Emotional & psychological support
  2. Protect children from child sexual abuse
  3. Initiate legal action against the perpetrators
  4. Inform concerned authorities if there are chances of occurrence of such incidents
  5. Draw attention of concerned bodies for the amendment of legal provision
  6. Generate awareness regarding child sexual abuse
  7. Provide emotional and moral support

Q. Do VOC support the victims of CSA?

Yes. It also support in the legal action and psycho social support to the victim. As per the need VOC also support in the long term basis for the victims.

Q. Who is more likely to become a street child?

Children who are separated from their families. Children who run away from their families to escape voilence and abuse. Children employed as laborers in restaurants, factories, transportation services, domestic workers, porters and rag pickers; they are all exposed to exploitation and abuse due to the long working hours, work load, low wages and verbal and physical harassment. Children who doesn't go to school.